Dominic Keating on Board for Season Two of Heroes

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Dominic Keating
Dominic Keating, possibly best know for his role as Lt. Malcolm Reed on the final Star Trek spinoff, has been added to the second season cast of Heroes.

He joins a slew of other new actors, led by Dianna Agron, the actress seen as various minor characters on Veronica Mars.

Keating will play a super-powered Irish mobster, while Agron will join Hayden Panettiere in the role of mysterious cheerleaders. We wonder what will happen if Peter Petrelli saves TWO cheerleaders? Does he save two worlds?

Other recent additions to the series include David Anders (Sark on Alias), Nick D'Agosto, Shalim Ortiz and Dania Ramirez (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Men 3).

Heroes producers have been very secretive with details as to what powers each character will have. But we'll be sure to let you know more when we do.

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