A General Hospital Story Line Clarification: What About Deke?

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Some readers of Soap Opera Digest were confused about a development on this week's General Hospital.

Regarding when Sonny (Maurice Benard, pictured) was laying out the saga of his stepfather Trevor Lansing to Kate, the question was posed: Where was Deke, who used to lock Sonny in a closet in that story?

Well, here's the timeline:

Maurice Benard Image
• Adela was married to Mike; they had Sonny.

• Mike abandoned Adela; she went to work as a secretary for Trevor.

• Trevor got Adela pregnant and sent her (with Sonny) to Martha's Vineyard to have the baby (who would be Ric).

• Adela fell down the stairs while still pregnant and had to be hospitalized. Trevor said he wanted to marry her, but asked her to give Sonny up for adoption.

• Adela refused. When Ric was born, Adela gave Ric up to Trevor.

• Adela and Sonny went back to Bensonhurst and had no further contact with Trevor or Ric.

• Heartbroken Adela then met and married Deke, who turned out to be an abusive husband and stepfather.

Any other questions?

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