Get to Know a Soap Opera Star: Anthony Geary

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Anthony Geary has merely won the second most Daytime Emmy Awards of all-time.

So most fans probably think they know this long-time, respected actor quite well. While they may be correct, here are a few fun, fast facts about the General Hospital star that may surprise you:

  • Anthony GearyHe co-starred with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas.
  • Takex pride in claiming to be the world's oldest hip-hop dancer.
  • His regretx in life? Not finishing school and not getting a Ph.D. in theater.
  • He received a Cindy Award as a producer for the drama Sound of Sunshine, Sound of Rain, a children's story for public radio.

Finally, the man who make Luke such a well-known character does hope to be remember not just for this one role. As he said in 1999:

I guarantee you, in my obituary, it will say, 'Tony Geary — Luke on General Hospital — died today.' That was really hard for me, because my whole reason for being an actor, my whole dream about it, was that I'd have an opportunity to dissolve into a million personalities. So what I've done instead is I've refused to let Luke be anything but a million different personalities.

If I must play him, then he must serve me, as well. So long as I live, he will not be a sofa cushion.

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