Heroes Spoiler: Sylar has Nothing on New Villains

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Heroes fans who think Sylar is creepy should prepare themselves for the following: new characters on the show next season make this brain-eating monster friendly by comparison. Sort of.

According to Tim Kring, the main creative force behind Heroes, new villains are on the way that may make you forget Sylar.

Talking about season two of Heroes, Kring told reporters recently: "We're doing 11 episodes in a row that start on Monday, Sept. 24. And somewhere in that run of episodes we're going to introduce a very scary villain."

He went on to say that Sylar (Zachary Quinto) is "tame" when contrasted with this fresh enemy.

In fact, clues have already been laid for at least one of the new baddies.

"At the end of last season we gave in the season finale a premonition of someone who is a very scary villain out there, who has invaded the dreams and nightmares of this character on our show named Molly Walker, who can locate people just by thinking about them," Kring said.

"We teased the idea that there was another villain out there. And the audience can expect to see him somewhere in the first run of episodes."

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