Heroes Spoilers: Character Death, New Look for Ando

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Here are the latest Heroes spoilers for season two, courtesy of Kristin from E! Online...

One major character is presumed dead in the season premiere, but is actually alive. However, another will die in during that very same episode. Also, there's another huge threat targeting all the Heroes that is far less attractive than Sylar.

In appearance? In evil ambition? Guess we'll have to watch to find out.

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Meanwhile, we all know about Claire's new love interest West (played by Nick D'Agosto), but what sort of influence will he have on this cheerleader's life? Onscreen father Jack Coleman says:

"It's fair to say that Claire does have a romance this year, and it's going to bring us into conflict."

Lastly, it looks like Adrian Pasdar won't be the only character with a new look when season two kicks off.

According to James Kyson Lee, Ando may update his appearance:

"Lots of things to look forward to in season two, including a new look for Ando... We'll probably move on from the Members Only jacket. And there [will] be parallel times, the modern time and the ancient Japan, so I'm... in the present day, going back and forth between New York and Japan, and there's going to be some kind of connection between me and Hiro... But you have to wait until Sept. 24 to find out."

Don't worry, James. We certainly will.

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