Marcy Rylan Speaks on Guiding Light Change, Storylines

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What does Marcy Rylan think about some of the recent changes on Guiding Light?

Soap Opera Weekly recently sat down with this soap opera actress to find out...

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Soap Opera Weekly: Tom Pelphrey popped up for a few episodes the week of July 30. Were you bummed you didn't get any Jonathan or Sarah scenes?
Marcy Rylan: Oh, I can't even tell you! Lizzie was pregnant for nine months, so I got a little attached to the fake belly and I've gotten a little possessive of the baby. When Lizzie gave birth, Tammy (Stephanie Gatschet) held the baby before I did! I was so upset. I was like, "Are you guys insane? I carried this baby for nine months!" So, yes, when the baby came back and I did not see the baby, and I didn't see Jonathan, it was infuriating.

There's this little video of baby Sarah and Jonathan floating around and causing some problems [for Reva]. I was on set and they were playing the video for the actors who were waiting to do a scene about it. I was waiting to do a different scene but I was sitting there watching the video and in my next scene I had to cry — and it was so easy! (bursts into fake sobs)

Weekly: Do you hope her story continues with her finding out her baby isn't dead?
Rylan: That day, they better be scared! Even if the writers write the sweetest words, I am going to find a way to be like, "YOU'VE BEEN HIDING MY BABY FROM ME!" I really want Lizzie to find out from someone in town and for everyone to be very scared. Lizzie is going to be very upset.

Weekly: Especially at Reva, who got her drunk and tattooed, right?
Rylan: There was a scene a couple of weeks ago where Lizzie thought that Jonathan and Sarah were alive. She ran into the hotel room and she was calling out for Jonathan and Sarah. Reva came in, and Jonathan and Sarah had been there, and Reva lied to Lizzie's face. When the scene was over, I said, "This is sick! This is so sick!" and Kim Zimmer (Reva) was like, "I'm so sorry."

Weekly: Luckily, Lizzie looks to be getting a new and unexpected pal in Billy.
Rylan: Yeah, I'm excited! I had an idea that I had a new partner coming up, and of course, you think "love interest." Then I realized, "It's Billy! That's not what I expected!" But I'm excited that this is the way they are taking Lizzie now. I'm glad that they're really taking their time, because sometimes with soaps you'll lose the baby and a month later it's like the baby never existed. You're totally fine and you're dating. We have a lot of moms at home watching.

I've received a lot of e-mails about what it's like to lose a child. I'm glad that they didn't just gloss over it and keep going. So I was really excited when I saw that this was a totally different, totally unexpected change in storyline for Lizzie.

Weekly: What do you think draws the two of them together?
Rylan: Part of what I think is the draw to Lizzie and Billy is that they've both had problems, and they can bond and not feel sorry for each other. But also, there's Billy's daughter, Mindy Lewis. I don't remember if it's to Soap Opera Weekly, but fans have written in to see if Krista Tesreau (ex-Mindy) and I are related.

Weekly: Because you look alike?
Rylan: Well, apparently! I haven't seen any footage of her, but apparently we're also very similar in terms of our mannerisms. Fans have constantly e-mailed me and made comments. The directors, when I'm on set, call me Mindy all the time instead of Lizzie. Michael O'Leary (Rick) had the love story with Mindy a long time ago, so when he and I work together, he's always saying, "Oh, my God, you remind me so much of Mindy."

So it's interesting to put me and Billy together. They haven't said it, but I feel like he sees a lot of his daughter in Lizzie. Her father is obviously not around, and so they bond and decide to work together.

Weekly: Are you having fun with Jordan Clarke (Billy)?
Rylan: Jordan and I are having so much fun. Some of the lines, man, they're great. Lizzie says, "I'm not going to be your therapist, so don't be mine. I'm going to have a bad day and sometimes I'm going to drink and sometimes I'm going to cry and sometimes I'm going to scream and yell, and I don't want to hear how time heals all wounds and all that crap.

Sometimes I just need to go through this because I am grieving the loss of my kid." If Billy's messing up and screwing up, Lizzie's trying to take care of herself. She's not going to try to save him.

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