Soap Opera Star Talks Up Elliott Yamin

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Ashley Jones stars on The Bold and The Beautiful.

But after meeting Elliott Yamin, it's obvious that this former American Idol finalist also stars in her hearts, just a tiny bit at least.

Here's their exchange backstage at the soap opera...

Ashley Jones and Elliott Yamin
Ashley Jones: Let me see if I have my camera! I am so psyched. I literally watched the show to watch you. I’d stay up on my cell phone and my home phone voting for you. I would hit redial all night long. My husband thought I was crazy. Oh, my God, I’m so bummed — I can’t find my camera. How was shooting?
Elliot Yamin: It was fun. I didn’t expect the studio audience. It was cool to interact with them. I had a good time out there. I love doing things like this. We actually just did another show.

Jones: Which show?
Yamin: Lincoln Heights. It’s a similar thing, where I come in and sing.

Jones: You have no interest in acting?
Yamin: I’d like to try my hand at whatever I can dip into.

Jones: I just talked to my mom in the parking lot on my way to work. She said, “Tell him I love his song! I bought it and everything.”
Yamin: That’s great.

Jones: And you’re on my iPod. Of course you are! Who would vote for you 200 times and then not download your song? Are you still with your girlfriend? (everyone laughs) I’m not asking for myself! (rolls her eyes)
Yamin: Why, you interested? (winks)

Jones: I just read an article on you two recently.
Yamin: Yeah. Jamie and I have been together almost a year-and-a-half. It’s been great.

Jones: How’s your mom?
Yamin: She’s doing well. Thanks for asking. I’ll get to see her [this month] for the first time in about five months. I miss her to pieces.

Jones: She’s the sweetest. Not that I know her! But she’s so cute. If she ever watches the show, let her know Bridget loves her.
Yamin: I’ll let her know.

Jones: It was lovely to meet you. Thank you so much.
Yamin: It was my pleasure. Sorry for annoying your husband!

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