A Talk with Tyler Christopher

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This interview with Tyler Christopher is a bit old.

But we still found SOAPnet's discussion with the General Hospital star interesting. Let us know if you do, too.

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Q: So, your movie Face the Music will be out on DVD soon. Tell me what it's all about.
Tyler: It's about a rock star who's right on the verge of making it but just doesn't have the fan following that he needs to get a record deal. So, a la Kurt Cobain - who became most famous after he died - he decides to fake his own death and come back as a woman.

Q: A woman?!
Tyler: Yeah, a woman with a new voice and a new sound. It works and he hits the jackpot but there's a problem because he falls in love with the woman who's his publicist but he can't reveal his identity to her, of course, because that would ruin the whole plan.

Q: So this means you dressed in drag for the movie?
Tyler: Oh, yeah.

Q: Did you do your own singing?
Tyler: I didn't. We had some musicians already so I just lip-synched.

Q: Was it your secret little boy dream to be a rock star?
Tyler: Every actor wants to be a rock star and every rock star wants to be an actor.

Q: I think everybody wants to be a rock star. I have this dream that I'm still going to be a rock star. But in reality, none of us probably want that life. And you don't need it because you have a pretty good life. You've got a couple of Daytime Emmy nominations, you just did the pilot for Secrets of a Small Town, you did the miniseries, Into the West with Steven Spielberg, you've got this movie coming out... that's a lot!
Tyler: It's been a good couple of years.

Q: It's been a good ride for you. What are you most proud of professionally?
Tyler: I don't know yet. I'm very hard on myself so I find it very difficult to pat myself on the back and say, 'wow, that was an incredible accomplishment.' The fact that I've been able to support myself as an actor for the last ten years when so many other actors who are just as good as me aren't able to do that... it makes me feel very blessed and fortunate to have a career at all to speak about. So, no individual accomplishment am I more proud of than the other.

Q: Do you have a particular goal that you're working towards?
Tyler: I want to continue working. I want to continue to challenge myself with new roles. There's always more to learn. I can always get better and become a stronger actor.

Q: Do you ever see yourself directing?
Tyler: I really don't see myself directing, at least not in the near future. I think it's best that you try to be really good at one thing and then when you decide you want to do something else, you concentrate on that. I'm not a very good multi-tasker, I can't do a lot of different things at once and be good at all of them.

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