As the World Turns News: Dylan Bruce Hired, Kelley Menighan Hensley Returning

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Here is a bit of As the World Turns casting scoops:

Dylan Bruce has been hired to play show's eighth Chris Hughes, a role last inhibited by Bailey Chase in 2005.

Kelley Menighan Hensley Photograph
Bruce first appears on October 255; alongside Emily, who's due back the day before. The actress who portrays her - Kelley Menighan Hensley - reports back to work for real today, after a three month maternity leave.

"The idea of going back to work is a little intimidating at this juncture, but I will manage. I have 21 scenes!" said the actress to Soap Opera Digest.

"Once [my daughter] got here, in all honesty, I haven't even thought about work. I don't know what that tells me. I'm reserving all of my judgment because I realize my daughter is only nine weeks old at this time.

Your perspective changes and hopefully I'll get back into a rhythm of work and I'll love who I'm working with and I'll still get to work with Grayson [McCouch, Dusty]. Hopefully all those things that I loved about work will be there when I get back. I'm banking on it."

She's also been catching up with the show.

"I slowly see the strife between Holden and Lily, obviously, because I love to watch Jonny [Hensley, Holden, her husband] and I followed the Jack and Katie story. The whole time I'm just throwing things at the television because I want her with Brad! I think they're so good together. And put Jack back with Carly where he belongs!"

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