Daniel Goddard Speaks on The Young and The Restless Character

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Daniel Goddard Still
How does Daniel Goddard feel about his character of Cane on The Young and Restless?

Here's what he had to say to CBS about it...

CBS.com: How does Cane feel about his brand new family that appeared overnight?
DANIEL GODDARD: Well in the beginning it's almost too good to be true. But, down the road you realize these people actually do care about you, that you can reciprocate that care. For example, Jill goes through some trials and tribulations. Those events bond Jill (Jess Walton) and Cane together. I think Cane going to work for Katherine only brings them together closer.

You didn't really see that much of Jill and Cane but then the two realized that they can get back together and have that mother/son relationship there. I think that the two of them have a bond for each other. Also, this goes for Katherine. Cane sees Katherine's point of view after learning what Katherine did after he was born. Cane sees Jill's circumstances as well. I think he'd be a good broker and he'd be able to fix their relationship, fix what is broken.

But then again it could be just the way [Kay and Jill] communicate and something that doesn't need to be fixed because, that's who they are. Cane sees both sides of the coin when it comes to them and he really enjoys belonging to something.

CBS.com: Was Cane's unsteady upbringing without a family something that made this new family all the better?
DANIEL GODDARD: Definitely. I did a lot of research on adoption. I interviewed people who hadn't found their biological parents, but were looking and also I interviewed people who had been through the process and found their parents. Everyone that I talked to said that, originally, there was an incredible sense of malice and venom towards the person that gave them away until they understand the circumstances.

You'll find in a lot of cases that the person didn't feel that they could give the child a life that they deserved, and when the child, who was given away, gets over that and understands that it was done for their own best interest or it was done because the mother didn't have a say in it, you get past it. For Cane, he's had so much time without them it's pointless to have the time with them and not enjoying it.

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