Hayden Panettiere is No Lindsay, Britney

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Hayden Panettiere recently sat down with The Sunday Mirror in Great Britain.

Here are highlights from the article written while Hayden and the rest of the Heroes cast was abroad on its world tour...

Hayden and Lesley Panettiere
"It's great now I can actually enjoy a drink when I come here," the actress said, citing England's younger drinking age and her recent 18th birthday. "America is so strange in setting age limits - like I can buy porn or kill someone if I went to war, but I can't have a glass of wine."

She makes a good point.

She's also making her debut album as a singer, and even had a shoot devoted to her in Vanity Fair magazine. But Hayden, who was a child star and started modelling at 11 months old, insists she's just an ordinary girl, unlike other actresses her age.

"I was raised completely as a normal kid," she saod. "I take out the trash, I walk the dogs, I vacuum. I'm not allowed to leave the house unless I make the bed."

Panettiere lives at home in Los Angeles with her mother Lesley (who is also her manager), her dad Skip, a retired lieutenant in the New York fire department, and her brother Jansen, 12.

Meanwhile - despite being snapped partying with Paris Hilton when she was 16 - this Heroes star is adamant she isn't going to get caught up in drink or drugs like her fellow young stars often are.

"I'm not surrounded by the kind of people they're surrounded by," she said. "It's so controllable. When you're putting nasty white powder up your nose that's you putting it up there, no one else is doing it."

But what about her and boyfriend Stephen Colletti? They won't be seen partying at Hyde or other well-known Hollywood clubs?

"We aren't really into the big party lifestyle," she said. "I like hot-tubbing. I don't want to be known as a party animal. I don't want to be seen to be dressing trashy. I don't think I'd go to a premiere with a tight, tiny, miniskirt and bikini top."

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