Jeff Probst Comments on All-Star Survivor Rumors

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Are viewers in store for another Survivor All-Star edition after this season's China?

"We're going into our sixteenth season, it wouldn't be a bad idea," Jeff Probst told the media during a conference call to discuss Survivor: China.

Although rumors that CBS might be planning another All-Stars edition have circulated for years, more formal reports that Survivor's Spring 2008 edition would be another All-Stars installment began to surface earlier this year.

Previously, Probst seemed against the idea. But his stance is softening.

"The only thing I can say is that I've come around to understanding that even though the All-Stars we did was a pain-in-the-ass from a production point of view, it was one of our best seasons," Probst reiterated to reporters last week. "And it was our best season because we had our best people back. I get that."

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