Jimmy Jean-Louis Speaks on Heroes Role, Life Struggles

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Our friends at Heroes site "The OWI" recently spoke with Jimmy Jean-Louis, aka The Haitian.

Here are highlights of the conversation:

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What experiences from your life did you bring into the character? Obviously the 'boy from the small village' is a page right out of your life....
Yah because I am from Haiti I understand everything they are talking about. I also understand the spiritual factor of the Haitian. Because we are very spiritual down there. Not to mention the Voodoo belief that we all have, so I would say so, that it is normal that I completely believe that my character can actually erase people's minds.

And when you go into a character with such a strong belief you play it fully, with no hesitation and that helps.

I never thought about the fact that you could go right into it and become the character.
Yah. And of course I am very happy they made it the Haitian because it gave me a chance to represent my country.

How did you go from living in a small Haitian village to modeling throughout Europe? Take us through that process.
I still don't know how I ended up out here Dave, to be honest with you. I am telling you man, growing up in Haiti is so different from everything that I have done. I was out there, you know, playing in my little village, playing futbol or soccer as they say over here. Pretty much no shirt on, no shoes on.

Our ball used to be pieces of paper we would put together and wrap around the paper a plastic bag. That became our ball to play with. So that is the kind of child bringing that I had, of course we didn't have electricity. Meaning by that no TV, no nothing. I didn't know anything about those TV shows. From there ending up in Paris was a huge change, dramatic change for me as a person.

You went from no electricity to the city of lights.
Completely, completely. I didn't understand what the hell was going on. But you know you learn to adapt, especially as a kid. I adapted to the lifestyle there. Then I started to understand what was going on. I started to make my own moves. My parents went back to Haiti, I was there by myself with my brother thats when I started to take control of my own life.

Meaning by that, going out all the time, every night, and that is the best school, that was my best school anyway. That is how understood what it was to be an artist, cause at night is when you meet all the artists. Whether is was singers, dancers, actors that's where you meet them at night.

So I had a bunch of those friends and slowly I got into the business. Paris is not really an easy city for a brother. After a while I got fed up and I moved to Spain because I couldn't really keep up with the stress and the attitude they had against the brothers.

I think they have an attitude against everybody in the world.
Yah, yah I guess naturally, naturally. So I packed my bag and just went to Spain to learn Spanish. When I got there I ended up in nice musical theatre where I worked for about 3 years. I had a great time but after a while I started to get bored and once again packed my bag and went to Italy where I studied to model.

I stayed there for about a year, then I went to South Africa for a year. Then I went to England for about three years. After those five years of modelling I got tired, fed up and said lets try something else, here I come America.

Click here to read the full interview with Louis.

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