Melanie Brown Dishes on Dancing with the Stars

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Rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars is not for sissies.

And Melanie Brown would be the first to tell you that the scariest thing about her now is what's coming out of her mouth.

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"It's a lot of swearing," says Brown, who is paired with someone who doesn't scare easily, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. "He says I look down a lot and I turn my feet out instead of turning them in. He also says I stick my bum out. He's a really good teacher, even though we shout at each other a lot."

As TV Guide reports, Brown doesn't do anything quietly, whether it's tearing up the stage as a Spice Girl or going after actor Eddie Murphy for child support for her second child, Angel, who was born in April. Wait a minute. Scratch that. She did do one thing very quietly: She got married to film producer Stephen Belafonte in June.

"I've spent a lot of years kind of underground," says Brown, "just relaxing and being with my family. And I was trying to think of a way that I could work and have my family with me. That would be the ideal job. So they'll be with me through Dancing, and when we go on tour, my kids will come with me."

Brown checked in with her spicy pals before signing up for the show.

"I asked them if this would be a good thing and they're all so excited," she says. "Especially Emma, because she did the show in England."

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