Pushing Daisies Profile: Lee Pace

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Keeping Pace
Lee Pace may be a relative unknown at the moment - but that should all change once Pushing Daisies becomes a hit.

Therefore, we wanted readers to get to know this actor a bit more before he's a household name.

The actor was born in Oklahoma, but spent parts of his childhood living overseas with his family. While studying in the States, he got involved in regional theater and was accepted to the prestigious Juilliard School.

Early on, Pace was a stage star, featured in plays such as Romeo and Juliet, King Richard III and Juliu Caesar. After receiving his BFA, Lee made his professional stage debut in the off-Broadway play The Credeux Canvas.

A year later, it was on to television and the Showtime original movie A Soldier's Girl, based on a true story. Pace received was nominated at the Golden Globes, Gotham Awards and the Independent Spirit Awards for his portrayal of transgendered nightclub singer Calpernia Addams.

In 2004, Pace landed a role on the Fox dramedy Wonderfalls. While the show gained a cult-following, it only lasted half a season. The actor's reputation was cemented, however, and he went on to star in well-received features Infamous and The Good Shepherd.

Lee Pace Awards:

Golden Globe
2003 Best Supporting Actor (TV Movie): A Soldier's Girl
Independent Spirit Award
2003 Best Actor: Soldier's Girl

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