As the World Turns Casting News

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Here's a look at some actors/characters that have been - or will be - coming and going on As the World Turns:

  • Chauntee Schuler joins the cast of in the role of Bonnie McKechnie. She's the daughter of Duncan and Jessica, returning to town to assist in some legal matters. Look for Schuler to appear in mid-November.
Ryan Serhant
  • Dylan Bruce will become the eighth actor to take on the part of Chris Hughes. This character was last seen leaving Oakdale for a job with a Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. Expect to see him return in October.
  • Anslem Richardson appears as the Lakeview bar manager and gives Sofie trouble on Monday, October 1 and Wednesday, October 3.
  • The winner of the second season of InTurn, Ryan Serhant, pictured, joins As the World Turns in the role of Evan Walsh IV. He's a young biochemist who will try to convince Craig to expand Worldwide into the cutting edge medical and health field. Look for Ryan to appear in early November.
  • Former Super Bowl MVP and former quarterback of the New York Giants, Phil Simms will stop by Oakdale on Monday, October 8 for a special appearance on Oakdale Now.

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As the World Turns Quotes

Noah: You know if I do stay here, I do have one condition
Luke: Oh yeah? Whats that?
Noah: You better not hog all the covers.

Noah: Do you just not like me?
Luke: No, I like you Noah.
Noah: Then why do you keep pushing me away?
Luke: Because...I like you Noah.
Noah looks surprised.
Luke: Yeah, like that.