Carrie Underwood Speaks on Ex-Boyfriends, Sex Appeal

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Carnival Ride Artist
Carrie Underwood likes the drama on Gossip Girl.

Reportedly, she also likes one of the actors on that show.

But current dating aside, the American Idol champion and woman behind the new CD, Carnival Ride, recently talked to Us Weekly about past relationships:

You had a hit with 'Before He Cheats.' Do you still keep in touch with your exes?
Not really because most of my exes are pre-Idol, so, yeah, I don't really. [It's like,] "Well, you wish you would have stayed with me, huh?" [Laughs]

Do you listen to talk about your looks or consider yourself a sex symbol?

No. If I didn't do what I do, nobody would ever look twice at me. I'm a blender – and the only reason anybody, if they do think of me in that way, it's just because I do what I do. I'm okay. But I'm not, like, anything special.

What motivated you to write some songs on your new album?

It's definitely a plus when you can write your own stuff. It's coming from a personal place – and it's just more to be proud of. I just wanted to see if I had the talent and just try. It wasn't a huge deal like, "every song on the album must be mine," because there are so many talented writers.

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