Dancing With the Stars Ladies Get in Shape, Lose Weight

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Great Dancers
All the women remaining on Dancing with the Stars are having fun... and getting healthy!

These celebrities are tightening, toning and feeling the burn, including Sabrina Bryan and Marie Osmond, both of whom are on NutriSystem.

"I think right now, people need a role model to see what's a healthy body type," Bryan said. "I didn't come on the show to try to drop a lot of weight…I'm on the show to have fun, and right now I'm having fun, and one of the benefits is that I'm getting into shape and staying healthy."

Adds Osmond, who is 20 pounds lighter since she began her NutriSystem diet and exercise regimen: "I encourage everyone to keep voting for me because it's a really good diet program for me! Let's hear it for the over-40 chicks."

On the flip side, Melanie Brown (pictured), who said she felt "bloody great," swears she's gained five pounds:

"I don't care!" the Spice Girl said. "Because I like it. I like what's going on. And the guys here that make the costumes do a great job. They suck you in and tighten you up."

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