Five Reasons to Watch Friday Night Lights

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We know you don't need any reasons to check out Friday Night Lights if you're visiting this site. You've discovered it already. But for the purpose of converting your oblivious friends, Yahoo TV came up with the top five reasons to watch it. Do not be hesitant to bust this list out and convert a new fan!

Watch Friday Night Lights!

1. The plot is simple. Friday Night Lights is all about real life and its awkward, messy glory. No time-traveling or mysteries, just good old-fashioned real life drama and life lessons that go way beyond the football field.

2. The cast is really good looking. Hey, there's no harm in admitting it! Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly) and Tyra Collette (Adrianne Palicki) are stunners, to say the least, while the guys on this show aren't half-bad either. Just sayin'.

3. The characters are down to earth. You'll swear you grew up next door to them, in some cases. They marry good stories with subtle humor that's current and relatable and makes the characters seem very realistic.

4. The relationships are the real thing. There is nothing as fickle and thorny as human contact - especially regarding teen relationships - and Friday Night Lights lets you eavesdrop on all those deliciously awkward real-life moments between friends, lovers and family members.

5. Football is good. The roller coaster ride that is the Dillon Panthers' quest for state championship glory is interwoven with character-driven storylines that grip your heart. The show is relentless (and successful) in grabbing you and taking you on a wild ride every week. Not bad for Friday night TV!

The Whole Taylor Family

  The whole family: Tami, baby Grace, Julie and Eric Taylor.

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Friday Night Lights Quotes

Answer me this, Timmy. What happened to Texas forever, huh? What happened to livin' large, what happened to that eternal bond that you used to love to throw around when I was still healthy and headed towards the NFL, huh? I NEED you here, Tim! I need you.

Jason Street

Got any more room on that bus?


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