Friday Night Lights Round Table: "Backfire"

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As fans gather in our forum to discuss each character and story line, the Friday Night Lights Insider staff has come together to share its thoughts on the latest episode of Season 2 of the best show on TV in a Round Table format.

The Round Table discussion topics for "Backfire" include the misadventures of Six and Three-Three in Mexico, Coach MacGregor's future and Julie's attitude ...

1. Following his ouster, where will Coach Bill MacGregor end up?

pantherpride4lyfe: Back in the Volunteer State. He's the Tennessee Tyrant.

ClearEyes: Brandon, Texas. He'll become coach of Dillon's major rival, leading to a state championship game for the ages.

Saracen7: One can't help but think a gridiron battle with Coach Taylor is in the works at some point this season or next. Glad as I am that Eric's back in Dillon, it was rather fast and a little too easy, no? I didn't expect his exit from TMU to be so prompt, nor did I find it that realistic. Whatever, all's well that ends well.


2. How long until Landry blurts out that he did it?

Saracen7: Being a reader of this site, I've read some Friday Night Lights spoilers and will just say that there's an episode title coming up that sort of hints at it. But for those who want to be surprised, let me just say ... it's not this week!

ClearEyes: I'm amazed he's lasted this long without telling the world. We are talking about having sex with Tyra, right?

pantherpride4lyfe: Yesterday? The guilt is already taking over Landry's psyche. What a great scene in the restaurant. Sooner or later Clarke is going to cave and come clean, like the good kid inside him has wanted to all along (which kind of makes the whole murder plot line seem a little far-fetched, if you ask me).

3. More unreasonably high: Street's hopes for surgery, or Riggins' blood alcohol content?

ClearEyes: Street's hopes for surgery. It won't work out, Six.

pantherpride4lyfe: Tim Riggins. The guy can drink. His tolerance is at a level that would sicken a normal man. It's a wonder how he stays conscious so long.

Saracen7: Gotta take Tim, although both are well over the legal limit.

4. Unselfish play of the night: Lyla taking the released prisoner under her (sexy) wing, or Tami's surprising patience with her rebellious daughter?

pantherpride4lyfe: Call this one a draw. Neither is perfect, but both have good intentions and are trying their best to be good Christians mothers, respectively.

Saracen7: Lyla. Whatever her true motivations may be, or how lost she is inside, she did a good thing in getting the kid a job at the dealership.

ClearEyes: Tami Taylor did hit Julie with a right cross two weeks ago, but I'll still take her over Lyla any time. Little Ms. Garrity seems to be acting more out of guilt than unselfishness here. She may not even know the released prisoner's name, she just wants to look like a true Christian.

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5. So Julie Taylor's dad is finally back in Dillon. Will she stop being a brat and welcome Matt Saracen back into her life next?

pantherpride4lyfe: She might... but would Matt even go for it? That's the real question. He could be too upset to take her back, not to mention busy - fighting Smash, caring for Grandma and flirting with her in-home care provider.

Saracen7: I hope so! Matt is a good guy and he and Julie were perfect together. I respect why the writers had them break up but enough already!

ClearEyes: Yes and no. Julie may cease her rebellious ways, but her and Matt need a break. Julie needs to find out who she is on her own, and Saracen needs to bask in the warmth of some Latino heat, if you know what we mean.

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