Gossip Girl Round Table: "Dare Devil"

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Welcome to our first-ever Gossip Girl Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the forum to discuss their favorite character and story line, our staff comes together every week to analyze the latest developments from the latest Gossip Girl episode.

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Topics in this edition include: Rufus and Lily getting to first base; the absence of Chuck and Nate; and a game of Truth or Dare. Let's get to the Q&A.

Who will kiss first: Jenny and Eric? Or Rufus and Lily?

DANdy: Rufus and Lily. Eric has a lot of growing up to do, many demons with which to wrestle. He's not ready to be swapping spit or starting any relationships until he's happy with who he is as a person.

LovelyLively: Rufus and Lily. There were definite sparks between them last night. Anyone could see it! She can pretend to be all put together and out of his league, but you can tell she wants it. Rufus is one smooth operator and that middle-class charm will soon be too much for Lily to resist.

GossipGuy: Rufus and Lily for sure. Did you guys see that chemistry? And come on, Lily is starting to act more and more like a human and less like a socialite every episode. I can't wait to see them together.</p>

Where were Chuck and Nate?
LovelyLively: Nate was probably on a hot date... with a country singer, perhaps? Just a hunch. As for Chuck, sources tell me he was having a tryst of his own... with a dude. Just kidding. I have no sources. But think about it: Chuck, under the radar? He had to be keeping his whereabouts secret on purpose. If he's gay, that's all good by me, but still a tad scandalous.

GossipGuy: Good question! Dan may be my favorite guy on the show, but I need my Chuck (Ed Westwick) for entertainment - and I'm positive the ladies need Nate for the eye candy.

DANdy: On the welfare line. Remember last week? Nate had has his trust fund drained. Dude needs some cash. And Chuck - who proved in that same episode to be a surprisingly good friend - is keeping his poor pal company.

New Pals
Truth or Dare with Blair: Harmless fun? Or asking for trouble?
: Well since they broke multiple laws and had a run in with the police? I'd say harmless fun since everyone got off scot-free. And, plus wow, it really made Jenny assert some social dominance! I want in the next game!

DANdy: Turns out Blair was asking for trouble by trying to initiate Jenny as just another working bee. Little Humphrey turned around that Blair Bitch Project and made it known that she's far from a random Jenny from the Block.

LovelyLively: Hmm. How about harmless fun that progresses into serious trouble? Call it what you want, Blair seems to thrive on this teen pastime, and I don't think she could have fun without causing trouble! Bad news Blair is the best kind of naughty!

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