Guiding Light Photos: Behind the Scenes

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The cast of Guiding Light took the plunge while taping Marina's kidnapping at the Spaulding charity ball recently.

Murray Bartlett (Cyrus), Mandy Bruno (Marina), Beth Ehlers (Harley), Darnell Williams (Griggs) and about a dozen other cast and crew headed for Lake Shawnee, N.J., to shoot the sequence, which featured lots of sunlight and some wet and wild action.

"We were really lucky because it poured with rain the day before," said Bartlett, pictured below having some fun between shots. "I've done a couple of these exterior trips, and I find them really fun because it's more like shooting a film. In the studio, you are aiming for one take, which is kind of insane. This is still very fast, but you get a little more time to play."

Murray Bartlett Photograph

It takes a lot of hard work to get great images on location. According to Bartlett, three cameras were used during the shoot, including one in the middle of the water.

"There was a pontoon in the middle of the lake," the actor said. "Ellen Wheeler, our executive producer, has been directing, and she's pretty creative with the cameras."

Taping the Guiding Light scenes took all day, but Bartlett had no complaints.

"As an actor, it helps with the reality of the scene when you're actually in the place where you're meant to be, rather than in the studio pretending."

Mandy Bruno Still

Mandy Bruno and Darnell Williams film a scene.

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