Katharine McPhee is an Atlanta Peach

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Katharine McPhee is featured in this month's Atlanta Peach magazine.

You can go read the entire article by following our link, but here's an interview from the issue with this American Idol star:

Atlanta Peach: You have been working with some of the best makeup artists and hairstylists in the business. Did you pick up any great beauty tips from them?
Katharine McPhee: I’ve learned a lot with makeup, but I feel like I’ve learned more with hair. I love the trick of braiding my hair and putting a flat iron through it. It makes perfect little mermaid hair. You can also braid your hair and curl the braid in a curling iron.

Q: You have become an iconic brunette; have you ever changed your hair color?
A: I’ve definitely been thinking about it. I really hope for [a] movie role in which I have to go blonde. Not platinum blonde, but I think it’d be really fun just for a couple months to kind of be a light, dirty-blonde color.

Q: Do you have a beauty ritual?
A: I really enjoy taking care of my skin. I wear sunscreen every day. I use eye cream. I love Vaseline, too. That’s one of my tricks—I’ll put Vaseline all over: under my eyes, on my face, my frown lines. And I love to put tons of moisturizer all over.

Q: Do you work out?
A: I do what I can, especially as busy as I am. Right now, I’m just working on stretching in the downtime that I have and bringing little weights with me for my arms and doing lunges. Lunges are something I can always do anywhere, so it doesn’t matter if I have a gym or not. And I do love yoga.

An Atlanta Peach

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