Lee Pace: In Touch with His Spiritual Side

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Lee Pace is featured in a recent Miami Herald article.

The piece begins by focusing on the spiritual journey undertaken a couple years ago by the Pushing Daisies star. He checked into a meditation retreat after he returned from filming The Good Shepherd in London.

How come?

"... probably to detox for the amount I drank while I was in London," the actor joked. "One of the things that they work on with you there, is that you can let go of anything. You just let it go. You sit there for hours during the day just meditating and being quiet. Your back hurts, you get tired and hungry and the whole point of the practice is you just let it go...

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You can really bring that into life. You can let anything go, bad feelings about things, attachment to things that aren't useful to your life. You can just let it go."

Many actors are so absorbed in the parts they are playing that they never correlate the roles with their lives. Pace is not one of those. In fact, his role as the magical Ned in ABC's whimsical Pushing Daisies has accelerated his interest in the meaning behind the words.

Ned can miraculously bring people back to life by the mere touch of his finger.

"I do think I've been away from spirituality since I left home at 17," Pace said. "So now I think I'm coming back to it in a way I hadn't before. I'd forgotten it's an important thing to give thought to your morality and how you intend to live your life."

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