Paula Abdul Dishes on American Idol Auditions

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Last week, Paula Abdul opened up about Simon Cowell and his new nickname for his traveling buddies as the group embarks on the latest round of American Idol auditions.

“He [now] calls Randy and I ‘Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.’ I’m Dee, Randy’s the Dum!” Abdul told People.

Paula and Randy
She says Cowell came up with the unflattering name during the audition process for the show’s upcoming season, which recently wrapped up.

“What’s happening is Randy and I have been agreeing on the talent as he disagrees,” says Abdul. “He thinks we don’t know what we’re talking about, and the truth is Randy and I do know what we’re talking about. It’s Randy and Paula against Simon. I’m on the winning side!”

Overall, of course, Abdul confirms that she and Cowell are getting along.

“In the past couple of cities we’ve had no arguments. He’s still pestering me like hell, but we get along pretty well.”

What's Randy Jackson's take on his insulting sidekick? He sums up Cowell’s attitude by saying: “He’s cranky.”

But the bright side is that the audition process has been “really, really good, I must say,” Jackson admits. “You still get the crazy buffoonery going on, but for the most it’s been pretty good. I would say somebody with skin and teeth is definitely going to win!”

We can't wait to see who that is.

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