Sabrina Sloan Speaks on New Album

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Just in time for the holidays, Sabrina Sloan is coming out with her debut CD.

Sabrina Sloan Picture
It's actually a duet with fellow American Idol contestant Sundance Head. Below, Sloan talks about the album, and her musical background in general:

“I played for about eight years at concerts and competitions. . . . I use that to write songs now. I definitely feel that I could have been much better than I am if I’d kept at it, but being able to read music, to really have a music theory background, is really important in helping me in my career.”

In addition to using the piano to help write songs, Sloan relies on her life experiences.

“I write about love, I write about pain, and whatever I’m feeling. I’m working on kind of an inspirational song right now because I’ve been doing a lot of charity events, so I wanted to write something that was appropriate for that—that compliments people reaching out for each other.”

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