Alison Sweeney Blogs About Candy

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Alison Sweeney Photo
As host of The Biggest Loser - and someone who has struggled with her own weight - Alison Sweeney is careful about feeding her son sweets.

Therefore, the Days of Our Lives actress told a funny story about Halloween on her blog recently:

“I really don't let him eat candy at all, so it was hilarious to see him carefully select a piece of candy from each bowl, because he had no idea what he was choosing. But seeing the big kids get candy gave him a good idea that it was something he wanted!

My one saving grace was one lovely woman who gave him a little packet of mini-graham cracker type cookies, so when we got home, I pulled those out of the bag, and said this is what you got... and then dumped the rest of his loot into our out-going Halloween bowl. Is that mean?

I don't know, I just want to delay his interest in candy like that for as long as possible.”

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