Bachelor Viewers Calling For Brad Womack's Head

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Brad Womack has a supporter in Jen Schefft. She's probably the only one who watched last week's finale of The Bachelor and doesn't want him killed.

ABC's push for last week's season-ending episode of The Bachelor has many viewers feeling they were duped, the New York Daily News reports.

ABC promoted the show all week using a clip - accompanied by the sound of a woman crying - in which Brad Womack said that he had found the one.

Based on the promos, die-hard viewers of the long-running series expected Brad found true love, or at least the reality TV equivalent. Not to be.

Brad Womack Alone

After a long, hard blitz of promos, misleadingly positive interviews and clips featuring a "happy" Brad Womack, he and ABC got together and pulled a fast one.

Both DeAnna Pappas or Jenni Croft were rejected.

As a result, viewers are irate.

"I have been watching The Bachelor series from the very beginning ... but this is IT FOR ME!" wrote one frustrated fan on the show's message board.

"I cannot believe that ABC would air a program that ended this way when it was clearly lies and manipulation on Brad Womack's part," said another.

"I guess we got wrapped up in the fairy tale. Many of us have used The Bachelor to believe," wrote a fan. "Unfortunately, none of us will believe again. Thanks, ABC, for breaking our hearts! Too bad Brad was the one to do it."

An ABC spokeswoman had no comment on the viewer outrage. Jenni Croft is reportedly dating her ex-boyfriend now, incidentally. Good for her.

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