Cady McClain Opens Up About As the World Turns Departure, All My Children Rumors

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Her final air date may be a mystery, but it's a known fact by now that Cady McClain is not coming back to As the World Turns.

She recently confirmed as much on her personal blog.

"I have sad news. [The Powers That Be] are wrapping up the Rosanna storyline early," McClain wrote. "I was slated to work through February, but the story took a dramatic turn that will alter that plan. I have always been open to all possibilities, even this one, but I will be sad to have to say goodbye so soon."

Fans were elated over the summer when McClain came on the show... but excitement soon died down as they grew dismayed by her actual story line. The actress talked about this, as well.

"I'm sorry the story on As the World Turns isn't grabbing you guys. I know a lot of thought goes into it, but I can't tell you more than that," McClain said. "I am just a gun for hire, and I don't have any say in the story."

With one departure set, however, rumors have been swirling that a return may now be in order. Might we see McClain back on All My Children? (Her character had been killed off by poisoned pancakes, always a tough way to go).

"I really am only the actor. I don't think [ABC] will ever bring me back, especially if they have removed the Dixie CHARACTER bio from the [official All My Children] website," McClain said. "It's over. It's all done. AMC is going to become something totally different than it once was. It will be all new, all different. Why? I can only conjecture."

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