Chyler Leigh: Like Kissing Your Sister

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The cute brunette is stirring up Grey's Anatomy fans as Lexie Grey, and not just because she's so gorgeous - she's been the center of attention ever since she was introduced as the sister of Meredith Grey and recent love interest of Alex Karev.

Little is known, relatively speaking, about the past works of this actress. Well, that said, some Grey's Anatomy fans have unearthed a 1997 B-movie, called "Kickboxing Academy," that Chyler Leigh starred in when she was just 15.

Interestingly, the actress' love interest in the virtually unknown movie is played by her real-life brother, Christopher Khayman Lee. And yes, the New York Daily News reports, there are kissing scenes in the movie. A few of them.

Leigh, Chyler

Chyler Leigh, 25, has certainly come a long way.

Hey, whatever you have to do to get your career started, right? Chyler Leigh, who was in a number of failed series and smaller films before getting her big break on Grey's Anatomy, has also overcome considerable personal adversity in her life.

We're glad she's a member of the Grey's Anatomy cast and look forward to learning more about her - as well as seeing where her character is headed.

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