DeAnna Pappas Tells Her Side of the Story

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We heard from Brad Womack earlier. Now it's time to hear what DeAnna Pappas - one of the two women he shockingly rejected on The Bachelor finale - has to say about the ordeal. Here are excerpts from an interview she did with BuddyTV ...

BuddyTV: Now how long into the process did you really start to think that things could be serious with Brad Womack?

DeAnna Pappas: I knew from the first moment that I sat down and talked to Brad that we had a very strong connection. I truly felt that I was meant to be with this person. But it wasn't until he went to my hometown and Brad got to meet my family, that I realized I was actually falling in love with him.

Brad Womack, DeAnna Pappas
DeAnna Pappas Photograph

DeAnna Pappas was rejected by Brad Womack at the last minute.

BuddyTV: Have you guys had any contact since?

DeAnna Pappas: I have had contact with Brad. Yes.

BuddyTV: There's a lot of rumors going around as to why he pick either of you. Do you, at this point, have any idea as to why he opted out?

DeAnna Pappas: I do, and I don't believe any of the rumors. I don't listen to them because I know that Brad is very genuine. He is a great person and one of the most amazing men I've ever met. I truly believe he just got completely confused.

BuddyTV: Do you have any sympathetic feelings toward Jenni Croft?

DeAnna Pappas: Of course. Jenni is a great person with a big heart. And to see her standing there smiling, I mean, I don't feel like she had any clue that he wasn't going to pick her, and my heart just went out to her.

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