Greg Grunberg Talks About Writers Strike, Heroes Episodes

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Our friends at BuddyTV recently spoke to Greg Grunberg about how Heroes is dealing with the current writers strike. Here's what the actor had to say:

The writers' strike is fresh in everyone's minds. How is that affecting Heroes and the production?
Well, it's interesting, we got a really early jump on the season, the writers did at least, we were way ahead which is a really good thing for awhile. But as you know in TV, as soon as the episodes start airing, it quickly catches up to you.

We had a couple extra scripts but now we're pretty much caught up and I hope this thing gets resolved very quickly because we all want to get back to work.

We're still shooting, but we have another couple weeks and then we go down because the writers don't have any finished. You know, they have, basically a break-down and some outlines of the next few scripts, but nothing complete enough for us to keep shooting.

It's frustrating because we've been on such a roll this year, especially right now with all the stories, you know. It's a shame, I hope it gets resolved quickly.

Next week is the flashback to four months ago.
Right, right, right. Which is so cool. I love that we do that on our show, especially because people have been waiting. They're like, "I don't understand! What?" There's some major looming questions that I think people have. We were, I think, possibly better at it last year at answering all these questions early on.

I think it's taken a little longer this year, over the course of more episodes to answer some questions, but everything will be answered as far as, how did they get from that explosion at Kirby Plaza to where they are, when we started four months later. A lot of those questions, almost all of them, are answered next week.

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