Heroes Roud Table: Cautionary Tales

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Welcome to our ninth Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the
Heroes Roud Table: Cautionary Tales

Should Hiro have saved his father's life?
Milover: No. It was his destiny to die, as his father said. You can't simply alter that (see Back to the Future Part II) just because you have the capabilities. Here's hoping our Hiro brings Kensei to justice for this act, though.

Timex: No. I think Hiro has finally understood the concept of destiny and that you cannot change history.  Do I need to sent you the first season of Heroes on DVD?  Or maybe the Back to the Future trilogy?  Not II and III, of course. I'm not that mean.

A. Hiro: I guess not. If Kaito never dies, Kensei is never a murderer and Hiro never makes it his mission to bring him down. And we all know Kensei has got to get what's coming to him.

Water Torture
Will Elle use the information she learned about Bob against him?
Timex: Absolutely.  He's ruined her life.  She's a basket case.  She'll continue to follow him for a little bit longer, but she will ultimately betray Bob for what he has done.

A. Hiro: Oh yes. And, to paraphrase Mr. Bennet, it'll sting. Like a bitch.

Milover: You knew something would unnerve cold-as-ice Elle and potentially turn her against the diabolical Bob. I didn't expect it to happen so soon, but this revelation clearly struck a chord with Elle, who won't be a Company girl for long.

Worse decision: Mohinder shooting Mr. Bennet, or Parkman interrogating Mrs. Petrelli against her wishes? 
A. Hiro: Mohinder, to the maximum power. Wasn't he trying to abduct Claire simply to take her blood and save Niki? So he's willing to kill HRG in order to save Niki? Sounds like someone has a dangerous, irrational crush to me.

Milover: Shooting Mr. B. Bad form, Mohinder. This is not a man you simply f*%k with. What doesn't kill Mr. Bennet will only make him stronger, and thanks to the last-minute transfusion of Claire's blood, it looks like they didn't finish the job. Prepare to reap the whirlwind, gentlemen.

Timex: Mrs Petrelli may be one scary woman to cross, but HRG eats Mrs. Petrellis for breakfast.  Watch your back, Mohinder. Oh, and if HRG doesn't kill you, I will.

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