Kassie DePaiva Flips the Script on Soap Opera Digest

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Kassie DePaiva recently turned the tables on Soap Opera Digest.

The One Life to Live star was attending Super Soap Weekend in Disney World when she decided to become the questionnaire and ask the publication a few questions...

Kassie DePaiva: What was your expectation of Super Soap?
Soap Opera Digest: A lot of screaming fans and beautiful stars waving and answering questions.

DePaiva: Now, kicking it off today, has it met those expectations or has it exceeded them?
Digest: I think we're still moving toward that! I've really just started the day and I haven't seen a motorcade yet.

DePaiva: Have you witnessed any autograph sessions?
Digest: Yes, I saw Kathy Brier [Marcie, One Life to Live]; she looked great and was very friendly and waving a lot to screaming fans.

DePaiva: Now, if you had to be a soap fan, whose line would you stand in?
Digest: Oh, my goodness, it would be yours, Kassie!'

DePaiva: (laughing): Oh, stop. For real.
Digest: Michael Easton [John, One Life to Live].

DePaiva: Were you an ABC soap opera watcher?
Digest: Absolutely, all the way. I ran home from kindergarten, no joke, to watch Erika Slezak do Niki/Viki.

To read the full interview, click here.

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