Lacey Conner Song Featured in Movie

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Lacey Conner has turned her villainous role on Rock of Love into a decent music career.

In fact, a song by the punk rocker appeared in a recent movie, one directed by Oliver Stone. She recently wrote about it on her blog:

Lacey Conner Picture

"Some of you have been hearing about my pop music project that I've been working on, simply called ‘Lacey Conner'. YES...I like pop music too. NO...that doesn't meaning I'm selling out, you f***s. I genuinely like pop music a lot!...Yes, I can be dark and aggressive (musically speaking), and yes I can be fun and poppy too...

My song "This Thing Called Love" that was written for my pop music project is featured in a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE that is directed by OLIVER STONE!...The film is called "Reservation Road" and features Joaquin Phoenix and Jennifer Connelly."

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