Marnie Schulenburg Dishes on As the World Turns Experience

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Marnie Schulenburg started on The Young and the Restless. Then, after appearing on the online series LA Diaries, the actress made the transition to As the World Turns.

Here are highlights of the interview CBS conducted with the rising star:

Marnie Schulenburg Picture How has it been at As the World Turns?
MARNIE SCHULENBURG: It's been amazing. It's been so much fun, an amazing experience and everyone is so nice. A dream come true. Did you get this role right out of college?
MARNIE SCHULENBURG: Pretty much. I graduated in May [2006] and I had a job in the summer at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival and then moved to New York in September. Did working on LA Diaries help you get into the role of Alison?
MARNIE SCHULENBURG: Yes. It explained a lot. It was easier for me to know what Alison was talking about or where she was coming from and acting the way she was because there was that underlining subtext that had happened to her that nobody in the town of Oakdale knew about. She obviously is not the same person who left and doing LA Diaries taught me why. Tell us about Alison.
MARNIE SCHULENBURG" Alison is a really good-hearted, loving person. She's very loyal; her heart is in the right place. [She] tries to put family first when she's in the right state of mind. She tends to follow guys when she's in love with them and ends up not making the best choices.

I think all the Stewart women sort of have bad taste in men. Weather it is right or wrong they tend to do whatever the guy is doing to make them happy. They are survivors. It's just how they survive, and it's usu

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