Round Table: "Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character, couple and plot twist, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to share its favorite moments and opinions regarding the most recent episode of TV's best drama.

Round Table topics for "Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction" include the fall of Callie, the fantasies of Izzie, Derek and the Chief as a couple, and more ...

1. More out of character: Alex turning down sex, or Bailey breaking down in tears?

McCritic: Alex is the one character who has actually grown this season, so can't say I'm shocked he turned down sex. But did Shonda Rhimes feel like she was short on her quota of emotional women breaking down during inappropriate times this week? Bailey's voice cracking during her line of "It's about you noticed!" was perfect. Her uncontrollable sobbing? Very un-Nazi like.

iheartizzie: Anytime Bailey cracks it's noteworthy, for sure. I can see Alex not wanting to get in the middle of a Meredith-Lexie spat. I think last season, Ava showed us a side of him that beneath the tough-guy exterior, desires more than just sex in the on-call room. Speaking of Ava, where did she go anyway?

AndYouveGotTheHair: Alex. Bailey has been more emotional of late, first in losing the Chief Resident position, then with her own family issues. Alex Karev turning down no-regrets tail was a shocker, though he's always hard to read.

Alex Contemplates
Cute Lexie

2. Cristina's "happy color" is red, like blood. What wall colors would your other favorite Grey's Anatomy character choose for their apartment?

iheartizzie: Something about Meredith says... yellow, to me. Bright and shiny!

McCritic: Derek would paint his walls yellow and orange, so that he could pretend like he's profoundly staring into a sunset all day long. Mark would paint his walls pink, to remind him of women 24/7. The Chief would simply hang 3D pictures along his walls. He needs something at home to mirror his air of cluelessness at work.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Blue for George. He's definitely feeling it after last night.

3. Should Derek and the Chief date?

AndYouveGotTheHair: They are kind of cute together, but Richard is just getting over his marriage ... it's a rebound relationship and that never works.

McCritic: Yes. I'd let the Chief get to second base for his Brando impression

iheartizzie: The Godfather quotes are charming, and the Chief is a really nice guy, but Derek needs excitement, some danger. He and Mark should date.

4. Character assassination of the night: Mark (by Erica at Joe's bar at the end), or Callie (by the Grey's Anatomy writing team)?

McCritic: It's gotta be Callie. If only because I don't believe for a second that the cardiac surgeon's own heart isn't skipping six beats every time Mark is in her eye line.

iheartizzie: Mark. When was the last time someone not only shot McSteamy down, but put him in his place like that? Damn. Erica Hahn, who I love, doesn't hold back. I do wonder, though, if this will only make Mark want her more.

AndYouveGotTheHair: It's been a free-fall for Callie lately, hasn't it? All of a sudden she's not even fighting - for George or Chief Resident status. Being overwhelmed is one thing, but Callie basically quit long before being demoted.

You're Not Attraced to Me

5. What, exactly, was Izzie's fantasy that George bungled so badly?

McCritic: She wanted to play doctor. Sadly, George is only an intern.

iheartizzie: I have no guesses for what Izzie had in mind that can be published in this space, but if these two don't have head tilts and kissing down yet, chances are George is not going to master much more complicated, er, maneuvers.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Um, something involving sex in a bathtub? I don't even want to guess. I love George and Izzie together but the whole lack of chemistry thing seemed kind of contrived, like a forced attempt at humor to me.

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