Tanee McCall Talks About Coastal Dreams

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Coastal Dreams is a new show available only on NBC.com. The drama focuses on two young women living, working and playing in the scenic seaside town of Pacific Shores.

Love and danger unfold as their friendship is put to the ultimate test over the course of 24 interactive episodes.

Movie Web recently talked with actress Tanee McCall, who stars as Stacey, about this unique online series:

Q: Could you describe for readers the character you play on Coastal Dreams?
Tanee McCall: Stacey is actually Zoe's, played by Danica Stewart, best friend. They went to college together and she's just applied to Law School, she's about to go into Law School.

She's just smart, and sassy and fun. She's just trying to have a good time with her friend on their last summer as kids, and she's always very worried about her because she has a stalker. So she's protective as well.

Q: What attracted you to Coastal Dreams? Was it the character and all the things you thought you'd be able to do with her or the subject matter?
Tanee McCall: I honestly really just loved the idea of the new form, the internet. I just bought an iPhone yesterday and I have a computer sitting in my lap right as we speak. I pretty much, from the second I wake up to when I go to sleep, I'm on the computer for some reason.

I just thought it was a great new medium for entertainment television. As well as, I really did like the character of Stacey. Just her being so smart. I find it really hard to find good roles for African American women my age, that don't show us in a negative light.

I really liked that she was headstrong, street smart but also book smart, that was important to me. She went to SMU and I actually went to SMU, oddly enough. There's a lot of similarities other than the fact that she's a lawyer and I'm an actress.

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