The Hills: 21st Birthday Boredom, a Teen Vogue Triumph

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Despite the best efforts of Heidi Montag to convince viewers (and herself) that a quiet dinner with Spencer Pratt was all she needed on her 21st b-day, even the most phony star on reality TV couldn't see this one.

Seriously, do these two have any friends at all? And did Spencer Pratt actually pay for that Chanel purse? We highly doubt it. The scene at the end where he is furiously texting someone and ignoring a silent Heidi, though? Priceless.

The Hills Girls

Luckily, not everyone is as painful and boring as Heidi Montag. Some of the girls on The Hills actually do stuff! Audrina Patridge and Justin-Bobby saw a band - one of the members of which checked her out - while Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port successfully ran a huge Teen Vogue fashion show and party event.

As was the case a week ago, we loved seeing LC and Whitney in action doing Teen Vogue stuff, rather than just gossiping or clubbing. Justin-Bobby Brescia may also be giving Spencer Pratt a serious run for Douchebag of the Year honors.

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