The Hills: Alive as Ever with Opera Drama!

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Drama was certainly not in short supply for Audrina Partridge and Lauren Conrad on last night's all-new episode of The Hills. What happened?

First, there was the introduction of Stephanie Pratt - yes, the sister of the one and only Spencer Pratt. And she was out for blood with LC.

Stephanie Pratt confronted Lauren Conrad at the L.A. club Opera while LC was out with pals. The "she-Pratt" and LC bickered and Conrad pal Brody Jenner found himself in the middle of it, telling Pratt to back off!

Audrina Patridge, Justin-Bobby Brescia
Lauren Conrad Pic

Justin-Bobby Brescia, Audrina Patridge, and Lauren Conrad.

Meanwhile, during the same night at the same club, Audrina was confronted with Justin Brescia - a.k.a. Justin Bobby - making out with some redheaded skank at the bar, then laughing about it when Audrina dared confront him.

Did Audrina Patridge give Justin Brescia the boot, or did the weasel hang on? Did LC and Stephanie Pratt come to blows, and how did Spencer Pratt take the news of this catfight the next day? Find out in our exclusive recap of The Hills.

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