Chaunteé Schuler Dishes on As the World Turns Spoilers, Angles

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Chaunteé Schuler
Chaunteé Schuler is new to the world of soap operas - and TV, in general.

Her role as Bonnie McKechnie marks the actress' first foray into scripted television. Schuler says that Bonnie's return signifies a new beginning for the character on As the World Turns, as she's now equipped with more wisdom and maturity.

“They will learn a little bit [about what Bonnie's been doing since she left Oakdale] but Bonnie returning is her way of starting a new chapter in her life," Schuler recently teased. "There have been a lot of things that have happened that have been tough for her.  She returns to have a fresh start."

As loyal As the World Turns fans know, Bonnie left Oakdale to live in Florida following Isaac's proposal. While she was away, she earned a law degree, married and then divorced Isaac.  Four years later, she's returned to enter into practice with her mother.

Without giving away too many show spoilers, Schuler reveals the attempt to start a new chapter in Bonnie's life coincides with a love interest in the near future.  So far, Bonnie and Holden have hit it off well, but Schuler remains uncertain of what's in store for her character's love life.

“We're not sure. Bonnie comes back to town kind of lonely. She has her cousin Dallas [Wole Parks] who acts as a confidant, but Bonnie is really trying to concentration on work and getting herself back on her feet… Viewers will just have to wait and see,” she said.

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