Gossip Girl Round Table: "Roman Holiday"

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Welcome back to the Gossip Girl Insider Round Table!

While Gossip Girl fans gather in the forums to discuss their favorite characters and story lines, our staff comes together to analyze the burning questions and best moments from the most recent Gossip Girl episode.

Topics from "Roman Holiday" include funny one-liners, surprise proposals, sexy Serena, secrets that are bound to come out. On to the Q&A…


1. Which will happen first: Chuck tells Nate about boning Blair, or Vanessa confesses her true feelings for Dan?

DANdy: Vanessa won't be able to contain her love for Dan much longer. It's hard for any of us to do so. But Chuck is smart enough to know that the mere threat of telling Nate about his B-Card stealing will drive Blair battier than simply spilling the news. Expect him to drag it out.

LovelyLively: Either Chuck already told Nate - gotta love the ambiguity of the final scene - or he's going to hold it over Blair Bear's head indefinitely. As for Vanessa, she needs to get hit over the head with a sock full of quarters.
GossipGuy: Vanessa will be confessing her true feelings to Dan within the next few episodes. I'm sorry Vanessa, you're not here to stay on the show. I <3 Derena too much. Back off Vanessa and your big nose!

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2. Will Jenny and Eric hook up?

LovelyLively: I do really enjoy Eric and Jenny together, even if the producers mixed them up - shouldn't Dan the Man have the nerdy younger brother and Serena the tall, blonde, cute sister?

GossipGuy: Yes. Jenny and Eric will date and so will Lily and Rufus. If nothing else, family functions will be a lot easier to coordinate.

DANdy: Not unless Jenny wants to end up like Jamie Lynn Spears.

3. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

GossipGuy: I actually (re)fell in love with Lily this episode when she told Dan that Bobby at the service entrance could be bought. Sniff. She approves of my favorite couple ever.

DANdy: I may be off on the wording, but a guffaw ensued after Blair got her maid a new phone and said it's "so they can text."

LovelyLively: There were multiple Gossip Girl quotes revolving around Blair's gift advice for Serena that I loved - saying she should get Cedric a new outfit and call it a day, and rattling off items under $50. Blair rules.

4. Harder to believe: The availability of the gallery for Serena's sex nest, or Serena's outfit on Christmas day?

DANdy: The availability of the gallery. Figured lots of people would be buying Alison's art. It looked nice.

LovelyLively: Oooooooga!!!

GossipGuy: Serena's outfit. I'm pretty sure of two things. 1) That was lingerie she was wearing. 2) I died and went to heaven.

The Evil Proposal

5. Will Lily say yes to Bart's proposal?

LovelyLively: It's not that Bart is disingenuous or even a bad guy. He's just going up against possibly the coolest guy ever in Rufus Humphrey. Lily, for the love of God, answer the damn phone!

DANdy: Yes. Could you resist that singular facial expression?

GossipGuy: No way! She's going to pick up that phone. She's like the rest of us and has Rufus on her mind.

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