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It's been a bittersweet end of the year for Ilene Kristen: her One Life to Live character is flirting with a love interest, while the actress herself is now single following a broken engagement.

Kristen recently discussed the events with Soap Opera Weekly:

Soap Opera Weekly: Is there going to be love with Roxy and Miles?
Ilene Kristen: I think it will be, but I've got to tell you, I don't really know because we're shooting a lot out of sequence. I've shot some stuff, but it's hard to say where it's exactly going.

Weekly: Do you like working with David Chisum (Miles)?
Kristen: I adore working with him, absolutely. We work very well together. He's a lovely guy. He's very good. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Weekly: Anything else new?
Kristen: Brian (Sheridan, former fiancé) and I split up.

Weekly: How are you doing with that?
Kristen: I'm doing okay. It was a very amicable split-up. We could get back together again. But right now, we're living apart. It's very bittersweet to me, because I really care about him. And as I said before, it was totally mutual. We couldn't seemingly figure out certain things. It's difficult. I actually need to take care of some stuff for myself.

When I get into a relationship, I end up taking care of everybody else's stuff but mine. For right now, I really don't want to do that. I don't want to worry about someone else's career. I do that with all of my friends. I have a lot of friends who are great writers. I'm constantly trying to figure out where I can play their songs, what they should be doing. It's one of my better qualities, but it's also one of my worst qualities. I need to reflect on myself right now.

I think it's important right now to be alone, almost. I rather like it at the moment. I grew up watching my parents. They're very supportive of each other. Sometimes, when you're from a good marriage — when you've seen that — you know what that is and you don't want to take anything less. I don't want to settle for a situation where I'm more concerned about what this human being's future is than they are about mine, basically.

Weekly: Any singing engagements?
Kristen: I've been kind of under the radar. I've been doing these gigs at a place called The Society of Illustrators. That's an old, venerable institution art school. The third Thursday of the month — we did one last month and I'm doing one this month, and maybe in January — they have jazz music, they serve a buffet, they have people bring their art pads, and they have nude models.

This is all going on at the same time. The buffet, the nude models, the jazz music and me. It is a trip. It's a blast. It's bizarre. Only in New York — or in Paris. It's fantastic. I heard — I haven't seen him yet — that Tony Bennett shows up every once in a while.

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