Jenn Hoffman to Lauren Conrad: Only The Hills is Fake!

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Jenn Hoffman
Jenn Hoffman is an alumni of The Apprentice.

And Donald Trump would be proud of how straightforward his former protege is being when it comes to the integrity of his show, along with reality TV in general.

Following Lauren Conrad's admission that parts of The Hills are - shocking horror! - staged, Hoffman wrote the following letter to Perez Hilton.

"Hi Perez,
I can't believe Lauren Conrad is trying to lead the public to believe all reality shows are staged. Her life must really be boring if the producers have to make so much stuff up. I was on the latest season of The Apprentice (a show about "boring" business people â€" not even supposed California socialites experiencing the high life) and I can tell you that every single thing on my show was real.

No scripts, no re-shoots for "continuity" and certainly no fake characters like you say they introduce on The Hills. Obviously some of the dating shows on tv are bullshitty and a bit put onâ€" but they make it pretty obvious. The Hills is filmed documentary style and presented as "reality." LC should just suck it up and admit she is a faker. Would anyone really be surprised or upset?

The Apprentice is real. Reality shows are real. It's just Lauren Conrad's show that apparently is fake."

Jenn Hoffman, MBA
The Apprentice Los Angeles

The Scoop's Take: Can't we all just love The Hills for the semi-real, mostly-imaginary world that it is? If your show was so legitimate, Ms. Hoffman, and you're therefore such a serious businesswoman... why are you emailing Perez Hilton?

We hate to break it to you, but The Apprentice already has an attention-whore posing as a real businesswoman. Her name is Omarosa.

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