Snoop Dogg Dishes on His Father Hood

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With a name like Snoop Dogg's Father Hood, how can you not tune in to the latest E! reality show, premiering tomorrow night?

The series follows around Snoop Dogg and his unique family, who the show bills as being anything but The Huxtables. Below, the music mogul speaks to Us Weekly after the program:

Us: E! is touting your family as including your "surprisingly unaffected" children. Are you worried that they'll become divas with all the cameras around?
SD: Well, they might, but I just feel like they're kids. [Viewers] get a chance to see kids who have a celebrity as a father just dealing with life and them becoming celebrities as well, because that's what the camera brings. Now they have cameras in front of them, so I'm pretty sure their lifestyles will change, but for the most part my sons are not affected. My daughter really loves me in front of the camera.

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Forget keeping up with Kim Kardashian and her family. You can now watch Snoop Dogg raise his kids on TV!

Us: You coach your youngest son's football team and have developed a related charity, right?
SD: We won our Super Bowl game last Sunday! I got 32 kids on my team â€" the Pomona Steelers - and the Snoop Youth Football League has 2,500 kids, 2,000 football players and 500 cheerleaders.

Us: In the show's second episode, David Beckham helps teach you and your boys the "other football."
SD: Yeah! He's gonna show the fellas how to expand and do something outside the box. We're so used to American sports - baseball, basketball, football - I wanted my kids to see something other than that: Futbol!

Us: With so many other celebrity families on reality shows, how do "The Doggs" fit in?
SD: This ain't the Huxtables! We're a black family with money, but we don't do it like that.

Us: What's more difficult: raising a family or making hit records?
SD: Probably raising my family. Making hit records is easy. That's my number one passion in life. I just find ways to put it on pause and do other things to accommodate my music career, so when I do come back and make music it's an event.

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