Zachary Quinto Dishes on Writers' Strike, Star Trek Audition

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Zachary Quinto recently sat down with the Los Angeles Times. Here are a couple highlights from the interview:

What happened on the Heroes set when the strike came on?
As it became clearer and clearer that that was going to devolve and there was going to be a strike, the tone of things on set just sort of shifted. There was no formal conversation -- we have screenings every Friday on our lunch break of the episode about to air. By that time the strike had already happened...

All of a sudden the writers weren't there. An unexpected, unwanted vacation for everybody.

It's the crew of our show I think about the most -- the people who work the hardest, in terms of their physical contribution and the hours they spend at work. It's so unfortunate how far-reaching the ramifications of this are... The unfortunate need for the sacrifice of individuals to benefit for the group is uncomfortable and painful. The crew doesn't benefit from the outcome of the negotiations. That's a difficult thing for me.

Compounding it is I ended on Heroes on Friday and started on Star Trek on Monday. To be working through this and to be required to work is also really strange. It's a combination of feeling really fortunate and oddly awkward and guilty and weird.

I never did see an account of your Star Trek audition. How was the first meeting?
I had an audition... in April of 2007, and then I went away: I left town two days later for two months. I was in Europe and New York and all over the place. I imagine had I been in Los Angeles it would have been more nerve-racking. But as it was, I was traveling and having this life experience that allowed me to detach from the structure of Los Angeles.

Then, I got back in June on my birthday, and when I was in New York my manager called and said they're moving forward.

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