Gossip Girl Round Table: "A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate"

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Welcome back to the Gossip Girl Insider Round Table!

While Gossip Girl fans gather in the A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate" all center around the big scandal. On to the Q&A�


1. Should Jenny have told Nate about Blair and Chuck?

DANdy: Yes. Jenny is a sweet girl. But when a minnow swims with sharks, it gets eaten. Sometimes, you've gotta flash your fangs in order to survive.

LovelyLively: No. That was a bitch move... not to mention way too ballsy. Forget Blair ostracizing her - Jenny's not worried (even a little?) that Chuck will pimp-slap that perpetual smirk off her face?

MisterMeester: Yes. Not because it was the right thing to do, or any of that ethical nonsense. But if Jenny truly wants to rise in the social class, she needs an established, respected man by her side. Step one of that plan, earning Nate's trust, has now been completed.

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2. Where was Vanessa this episode?

LovelyLively: Maybe stopping by school? You know, the one she actually goes to? Seriously, girl is around Dan an awful lot. We must cherish the weeks where Vanessa is mysteriously and conspicuously absent.

MisterMeester: Taking classes from Ray J on how to make videos that sell for lots of money.

DANdy: At home, drying her hair. It definitely takes more than an hour with all those curls.

3. Will Rufus and Becks last?

MisterMeester: No. Rufus is new to dating. The ladies seem to flock to him. Considering those two factors, it's unlikely this former musical icon will settle down with the first woman that comes his way.

DANdy: Yes. Until Rufus meets someone named Budweiser, that is.

LovelyLively: No way. In his heart, he longs for Lily. Or he'll simply forget he made the date with Becks and not show.

4. Why do YOU love Serena?

DANdy: Serena has years of experience (with drugs, in bed, etc.) and a man by her side that everyone loves. She's also found her voice more and more in recent episodes, and her eyes welled up when Dan said he loved her. Like Hillary Clinton, Serena is human. I love her for it.

LovelyLively: Because not only will she date a guy like Dan, but their different backgrounds never even cross her mind. Plus, Blake Lively has some seriously amazing hair (among other attributes).

MisterMeester: All the reasons Dan said and more. Plus, you gotta love her fashion sense. Preppy and trendy at the same time!

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5. Will Chuck and Nate make up?

LovelyLively: I hope so for Chuck's sake. Obnoxious as he is, I don't think he meant to hurt his friend... and I think we all know by now that Nathaniel is Charles' true love - platonic or otherwise.

DANdy: Of course. Eventually, Nate will come to a pair of realizations: he's at fault for expecting anything more from Chuck in the first place; and Blair is REALLY hot. Who wouldn't tap that the instant she was single?

MisterMeester: Your guess is as good as mine, but I think before too long, these two chaps will be back in Monaco, sipping drinks and wearing scarves on the beach like old times.

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Eleanor: Are you all right?
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Eleanor: Were you arguing about the possibility that your condition may have returned.
Blair: No. It hasn't.
Eleanor: I heard you the other day in your bathroom with the water running.
Blair: I'm very stressed. And with you and Serena down my throat I can hardly see straight, never mind keep food down.

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