Gossip Girl Rules the Pool

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It sure was entertaining, and New York Magazine gives this week's episode, "School Lies" high marks on its weekly realism scale. Some high- and low-lights from the newest installment of Gossip Girl:

  • Why would Gossip Girl know anything about any of their parents? Minus only 2, because we don't really care.
  • Speaking of which... sometimes Gossip Girl doesn't sound so gossipy, she sounds like Brenda Strong on Desperate Housewives. Minus 2.
  • "What are you up to besides missing me?" Serena asks Dan on the phone. "Just wondering whether you were missing me," he replies. Terrible Gossip Girl quote, but too, too real. Plus 4.

Serena in Swimsuit
  • Of course Chuck Bass is wearing a shirt at the pool party, and sunglasses (Wayfarers, natch) at night. Plus 5.
  • A gold skeleton key is all it takes to get into the school pool. What, are they insured by the Bank of Brunei? Minus 2.
  • Did anybody else notice that those supposed cell phone pics of the pool party were HD quality? Minus 1.
  • "What do the Humphreys have to offer?" Chuck asks Dan. "Your dad's cassingle?" Plus 3 for the use of "cassingle."
  • Chuck has waaaaay too much chest hair for a 16-year-old. Minus 1.

Follow this link to read New York Magazine's full rundown ...

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