Jeff Probst Previews Survivor: Micronesia

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Jeff Probst recently chatted with TV Guide about the upcoming season of Survivor, which pits fans versus all-time show favorites.

Regarding: Chet Welch
Chet Welch is a 48-year-old Miss America beauty pageant coach. "One of our casting directors was like, 'He sabotaged me as a kid!'" Probst said. "Chet goes, 'Yep, that was me, and yep, I did it.'"

But does either Welch or another evil genius, Jonny Fairplay, have a real shot at the grand prize?

"Chet's gonna last a few episodes at best," Probst said. "And Fairplay has no chance of winning."

On: Michael Bortone
This Los Angeles-based writer/actor is a longtime fan of the series. "Mikey B" was originally passed over by CBS, but Probst went to bat for him and ultimately changed the suits' minds.

"I saw a live wire," Probst said. "He's interesting when he talks. I'm glad he's here."

Read Probst's full preview now.

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