Martha Byrne Speaks on Return to As the World Turns

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Martha Byrne took over the role of Lucy Deakins on As the World Turns in 1985. She won an Emmy in 1987 for it.

Ont he series, Byrne's character ended up marrying Derek, who died in an explosion meant for her in 1989. A badly burned Lily subsequently left town, as Byrne herself took off for Hollywood.

"I've gone as far as I can go with Lily," she told Soap Opera Digest back then. "The character needs a break, and so do I."

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From there, Heather Rattray took over as a colder, cynical Lily in 1990. It was this Lily who eventually wed Holden in an elaborate ceremony, but Jon Hensley (who portrays Holden) admits:

"We didn't have that underlying chemistry that you need to make it work day in and day out."

So Rattray was dismissed and then-Head Writer Douglas Marland lured Byrne back to As the World Turns in 1993, when Rattray was leaving.

"I was more than happy to come back because he was writing and he had great ideas. Then, unfortunately, he passed away before I started taping," said Byrne, who later added. "I'll stay on As the World Turns as long as they want me."

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